Masthead Prinsenstad 2019

Okymathika M

Geniaal – Wynton • 02-05-2019 • bay • mare

Okymathika M’s sire Geniaal is among the most beloved horses in the Small Tour. With Dinja van Liere, the Vivaldi son won silver in the Dutch Dressage Championships. Geniaal also produced the national foal champion. Thanks to his notable performances, good conformation and strong pedigree, he is gaining popularity. With Jazz, Ferro and the Trakehner stallion Biotop in his lineage, Geniaal is a good match with Okymathika M’s dam Ekymathika M, who descends from a Trakehner-line. Her sire Wynton earned the keur predicate and competed successfully in the Grand Prix for years, like his grandsire Ferro, who appears twice in Okymathika M’s pedigree. The dam-line produced the stallions Adamo, Cadans M, Dundee M and the Grand Prix dressage horses Adagio, Black Shadow and Cardon.

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