Masthead Prinsenstad 2019

Oxford LC

Vitalis – Jazz • 03-06-2019 • chestnut • stallion

Oxford LC’s dam Ilona V.D. C was described in glowing terms after passing the IBOP (81.5): she stands out with her very good rhythmic walk, which shows abundant elasticity and body use. In the trot and canter, she uses her legs well and shows abundant push and good scope. These traits are not surprising given her great lineage headed by her sire Jazz. Her dam Demona also produced the approved stallion Dubrovnik NRW, who competes in the Intermediaire. The approved stallion Riverside (s.Regazonni) is closely related to Demona, as the son of her granddam. Desiree (s.Donnerhall) is a full-sister to the celebrated stallion Donnerschlag. Oxford LC’s sire Vitalis, who needs little introduction, ensures that his son is one of the eye-catchers in this auction.

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