Dam Gisele was champion at a mare show as a 3-year old and took part at the National Mare Show. After a good result in the test (79.5 points), she received the sport predicate (Z2-dressage) as a 6-year old. Her eldest son competes at Z-level. Granddam Zilvia competed at ZZL-level. Two of her progeny compete at Small Tour level. Out of this damline, the Grand Prix horses Chardonnay, El Paso and several outstanding sporthorses are known. Jazz, Flemmingh and Cabochon are all proven sires and are influential to the mares in this family. Ricciardo’s sire Jameson RS2 doesn’t need any introduction after he became champion of the approvals, winner of the Pavo Cup and competitor at the WC for Young Horses.

Dam of Ricciardo: