Rosa Lee

Rosa Lee descends from the famous sporting damline of Avondrood and Cordola. Last mare is known as the granddam of the Grand Prix horses Tango and Bonzanjo. Granddam Radula competed at Z2 level. Her dam Houwertje also produced the Grand Prix-performer Chagili and multiple progeny at Z and Small Tour level. This branch of the damline of Cordola is known for the National Mare-champions Zarah-Obertje and D.Obertje and the approved stallions Happy Feet and Jheronimus. The sires in the damline of Rosa Lee are proven progenitors. That is also possible for her sire Lord Europe. This Hanoverian premium stallion has an outstanding canter, is popular among breeders and already produced several top-class foals in auctions.

Dam of Rosa Lee: