Raya van de Broeken

Raya is a pretty, black daughter of the imposing stallionshow champion Le Formidable. In his pedigree the topsires Bordeaux and Ferro and the famous mare Annabel are united. That suits well with the pedigree on the damside with Charmeur, Florencio, Jazz and the top-class mare Endy. Dam Gaya’s first foal is approved at the AES studbook and currently lives in Norway. Granddam Hestia competed at ZZL-level. She was also successful at 1.30m level jumping. From this sporting damline we know several international showjumpers and the approved stallions Zodak and Dantos. Great-granddam Aglaya produced another offspring at ZZL-level. Raya is a beautiful foal with a lot of appearance and front and moves very lightfooted. Her pedigree is modern and decades ago already focused on sport with sires like Nimmerdor, Marco Polo, Amor and Assad ox.

Dam of Raya van de Broeken: