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EDS foal auction switch to an online auction

After the success of the EDS online auction on April 18 and due to the corona virus, the EDS team has decided to continue the EDS foal auction as an online auction. This EDS online foal auction will take place on Saturday August 29. Selection days for the online auction take place in June at various locations in the Netherlands. This online auction has interesting innovations for both breeder and buyer.

Effective for breeders
This year, a different approach of the selection days has been chosen. Every breeder who wants to introduce his foal, takes his foal to an EDS selection day once. During this selection day, the breeder is immediately informed whether the foal has been selected. In addition, the selected foals are captured directly on the photo and video. Previously, a separate day was organized for the recordings, now the breeder only has to travel with the mare and foal once.

Unique additional recordings of exterior and positions of the legs
The EDS team considers it very important to have the opportunity to assess the exterior of the foal. For this reason, every EDS auction foal is not only recorded in motion, but a 3D video is also made, on which the total frame of the foal can be properly assessed. A unique advantage for the buyer compared to other online foal auctions.

More information?
Are you a breeder of a beautiful foal with extra quality and are you interested in selling this foal through the EDS online foal auction? Please view here how to register your foal.

The selection days will take place on:
– Tuesday June 2 in Heerewaarden
– Thursday June 11 in Hooge Mierde
– Saturday June 13 in Oud Beijerland
– Thursday June 18 in Eibergen and in Assen
– Saturday June 27 in Heerewaarden.
Each selection day will be organized in accordance with RIVM’s advice and measures applicable at that time.