EDS selection days 2022 huge success

This week the last two selection days took place for the Excellent Dressage Sales 2022. The EDS-team traveled to Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde and Hengstenstation van Uytert in Heerewaarden to scout dressage talent for the online EDS auction which will take place at the end of March.  


Promising talent
This year, the EDS team is again very satisfied with the horses they have selected for this auction during the selection days. Every year again the aim is to present a carefully selected and complete collection. We have again succeeded in this goal, according to the EDS-Team. “Every buyer is different and has other wishes. As a team we strive to present a well-filled portfolio of horses from different levels. Which includes something for everyone” says Joop van Uytert.  

The main goal from the EDS-team is to select the horses on quality and health and to offer a wide range of training levels. From a good three-year-old to a real school master or a horse for the Subtop, Prix St. Georges and Grand Prix. That’s what makes this auction so special. Also, everyone has a different budget and the past has already shown that there is also sufficient supply in terms of price. 

Shooting days
Next week the shooting days take place. During this shooting days we will make videos and photos of all the horses who are included in this year’s collection. This will happen at Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde. Of course, preparations are made to present the horses as good as possible on these days.  


Collection online
After all the footage has been carefully selected, the first part of this year’s collection will be presented online by the end of February. From 11th of March the full collection will be online. When you’re interested in one of the horses, you could make an appointment with the organisation to view and/or ride the horse. To make an appointment, please contact the organisation by phone + 31 (0)13-5091666 or by email info@excellentdressagesales.com.