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First group of horses from this year’s collection published

From today on Excellent Dressage Sales presents in multiple phases their wide collection of dressage horses on their website. On 26th of March, this online auction will take place, consisting of young, talented horses up to Grand Prix qualified horses.

From Grand Prix horse until young talent.

Every year the EDS team aims to present a carefully composed and complete collection and offer a wide range of training levels. It’s the priority to select horses on their quality and health. Also this year we present to you a diverse range of dressage talent. From a good three-year-old until a schoolmaster or Grand Prix horse, you name it, we have it. For example, the thirteen-year-old schoolmaster Elton John (Johnson x Goodtimes), the young talent Newsation STMT (Sensation x Negro) or the three-year-old 3-jarige Odyssee VN (Fürst Toto x Negro).

First time in history

This year we are writing history! For the first time, we have selected a pony for our collection.

And what a pony he is. His name is Sloot’s Sir Thor and he is a five-year-old approved Welsh stallion from Westerhuis Zorro and Heitrak’s Marvin. One who stands out with his presence and performances.

Viewing and/or test riding

When you are interested in one or more horses of this collection, you could make an appointment with our organization to view and/or ride. To make an appointment, please contact the organization by phone + 31 (0)13-5091666 or by email info@excellentdressagesales.com.