Veiling zomer 2018

New EDS-Prinsenstad Foal Auction

The Excellent Dressage Sales team has partnered with Manege de Prinsenstad. After three successful EDS summer editions with the KWPN, the summer foal auction of 2019 will take place at beautiful Manege de Prinsenstad in Delft.

Due to the extremely tight competition schedule for the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo, the EDS team sought a new partner with whom they could fulfill their goal to further expand their elite auction. The Excellent Dressage Sales team – which includes Nico Witte, Eugène Reesink, Tim Coomans, Joop van Uytert and Joep Schellekens – has found a new, enthusiastic partner in the Duijndam family. “A nice boost, given this family’s experience in organizing equestrian events at their five-star facility,” asserts Joop van Uytert.

The EDS-Prinsenstad team is looking forward to the first edition of this foal auction in Delft, a region where an auction of this quality has never before been organized. “Like the EDS team, we strive for quality and continuity. Together we look forward to the first auction at our location. We have complete confidence that visitors and potential buyers will fully enjoy all the beauty that will be on display at Prinsenstad that day,” says the Duijndam family. New to this fourth EDS summer edition are jumper foals, which will be auctioned in addition to dressage foals this year.

The EDS-Prinsenstad Foal Auction takes place on Sunday, 1 September 2019, and admission is free. Save the date! Breeders who wish to put up a foal for auction may register for one of the selection days which will be posted later this spring at the website.