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Anemone Horse Trucks

Anemone Horse Trucks for your future horsetruck! New and used horsetrucks directly available out stock or custom made. The collection varies from 2-horse truck – suitable for the B driving license – to large horse trucks with a luxury living room. The stock can be viewed on www.anemone.nl, but also in the showroom in Scherpenzeel. Here you can see the horsetrucks and of course try them. The sales specialists will friendly help you with a good lease- and insurance proposal for your future

Also, the service employees are ready to keep your horsetruck in optimum condition in the service center. You can contact Anemone for maintenance and 24-hour service.

Did you know that it is also possible to rent a horsetruck? Horsetrucks For Rent.com has large and small horsetrucks which you can rent for the short and long term in the Netherlands and abroad.

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