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Recap of the video days, this week first horses of this year’s collection online

The video and photo days of EDS are finished. With an amazing crew, we worked hard to perfectly capture all the horses. With satisfaction, the EDS team looks back on the last couple of days. The horses behaved very well and showed their best in front of the camera.

There will be no sitting still for the next upcoming days, but we will be working hard again. All shot and recorded footage will be carefully reviewed and processed, after that, it will be presented online. Next week we will present the first group of horses from this year’s collection and the full collection will be available for viewing online from the 11th of March.

Also this year you could expect a diverse range of dressage talent, which the EDS team has carefully selected during the selection days. From a good three-year-old to a schoolmaster or a horse for the Subtop, Prix. St. Georges and Grand Prix. When you are interested in one or more horses, you could easily make an appointment with the organization to view and/or ride the horse(s). Please contact the organization to make an appointment, by phone + 31 (0)13-5091666 or by e-mail at info@excellentdressagesales.com.